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The wellness sphere is never lacking in new and trendy ingredients to supplement with — from ashwagandha and collagen to turmeric and maca — as a consumer strolling the vitamins aisle you have a lot to wade through! 

And, it’s hard to keep up with what’s supportive of our health, but at the end of the day, you can never go wrong with greens! Chlorella is a superfood that envelops a vast array of supportive properties, and it may be an ingredient you are not familiar with.

Nutreevit crafts supplements that help bridge the gap in your nutrition. Learn more about the under-the-radar superfood, chlorella, in today’s post. 

Your Need-To-Know-Nutrient: Chlorella

Chlorella is an algae that is native to Japan and Taiwan and is bountiful in a large number of supportive properties that our bodies love. From its rich amino acids, chlorophyll, phosphorus, beta-carotene, and more, this modest algae is loaded with phytonutrients for you to add to your wellness routine. 

How Chlorella Benefits Us

Chlorella can be supplemented for a myriad of health concerns and daily supplementation can greatly heighten our wellness. 

Combats Aging

Who doesn’t love a superfood that helps slow the aging process? Chlorella is a gem in its support of oxidative stress in our bodies. We’re inundated with oxidative stress on a daily basis from a poor diet to environmental pollution — it all compounds and ages us. 

While we can combat oxidative stress by making a few lifestyle changes such as eating a healthy diet, we can never escape oxidative stress completely. 

Supplementing with chlorella may be the missing link to combating oxidative stress and helping your skin stay supple and moisturized. Chlorella helps increase levels of vitamin A, C, and glutathione, making them more bioavailable and equipped to scavenge free radicals and preserve your cells.  

Heavy Metal Detoxification

Believe it or not, our exposure to heavy metals is more than you think. From the fish we eat to any mercury fillings in your mouth, heavy metals emerge in insidious places. One of the greatest benefits chlorella provides is its ability to help us detox heavy metals that are roaming our bodies. 

Chlorella has the ability to coat itself around heavy metals to keep it from reabsorbing back into our bodies. When we consume chlorella on a regular basis, it reduces heavy metals from collecting in our bodies and away from our organs and soft tissues.  

Supports a Healthy Weight

You can never replace an active lifestyle and healthy diet, but chlorella may help fortify these efforts and help you maintain a healthy weight. Chlorella can assist in hormone regulation which helps stabilize blood sugar levels, and you feel better as a result. 

With improved energy and blood sugar levels, you’re more likely to want to be active. Chlorella may also aid in weight loss by helping your body detox accumulated toxins in your body.

Immune Support

Everyone can benefit from a little extra immune support, and chlorella can help make that happen. In a study from Nutrition Journal, it was found that chlorella may have an immunostimulatory effect in short-term supplementation, helping your body stay healthy and better battle bacteria and viruses. 

Nutreevit has Chlorella!

Whether you’re looking to bridge the gap in your health with super greens or are looking to elevate your wellness, chlorella is a superfood algae that everyone can benefit from. Improve aging and detox heavy metals or supplement it to support blood sugar levels and immune support. 

Nutreevit has chlorella products to help get you started, check out the following:

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