Everyone wants to feel good and have the energy to power through the day
without relying on caffeine or sugar. But how can you achieve that every day
with just small lifestyle tweaks? Here are our top tips for bursting with

Get Moving
Although it might not make sense to gain energy by expending it, exercise is
wonderful for boosting your energy levels and overall wellbeing. Exercising
regularly increases your circulation, which boosts the oxygen and nutrients that
are carried to your cells.

Exercise also helps maintain a healthy blood sugar level, which keeps your
weight at optimal levels while balancing the energy available for your body to

Try a mix of gentle cardiovascular exercise like walking and swimming with a
weights program and light stretching for best results.

Boost Up The H20
Keeping hydrated is essential for feeling great and having plenty of energy.
Water plays a part in almost all body processes, from digesting food to
clearing out toxins and carrying nutrients around the body.

Drinking plenty of water can also help you maintain a healthy weight by
replacing other unnecessary calorie-dense beverages and snacks.

Aim for at least 1.5L of pure water per day, and increase your intake further
if you consume caffeinated drinks or exercise.

Love Your Superfoods
When it comes to getting all of the essential nutrients for energy production
and a happy healthy body, you can’t go past superfoods for your daily dose of

By including superfoods such as spirulina, maca, kelp and noni fruit in your
daily regime, you will be boosting your intake of vitamins and minerals with
minimal effort.

Spirulina is high in almost every nutrient – including protein, iron, calcium,
essential fatty acids and a variety of antioxidants. This combination of
nutrients reduces inflammation, increases nutrients delivered to the cells,
balances the blood sugar and helps maintain a healthy weight.

Maca can help support you with relieving stress and boosting energy, thanks to
its high mineral content. It was historically used for endurance and strength,
as well as increasing fertility. It has adaptogenic properties, which means it
supports your body adapting to stress.

Kelp is one of your best sources of iodine, an essential mineral. Iodine is
required for your thyroid hormones to be produced. Thyroid hormones help you to
boost your metabolism and energy levels, as well as acting as master hormones
and running pretty much every system in the body.

Noni fruit is packed with antioxidants that protect your body from inflammation
and damage. This means that your body will be healthier overall and feel more
energized on a daily basis. It can also help support your immune system and
keep you from catching every cold going around the office.

Eat Your Greens
Getting your greens in means that you get a mega dose of chlorophyll, along
with plenty of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Chlorophyll is a super-nutrient in itself, with health benefits including
weight loss, detoxification of heavy metals, boosting the immune system,
improving digestion and neutralizing bad breath.

When you include green leafy vegetables every day, you’ll be feeling fabulous
in no time! Struggle to get your salads in daily? Try including a balanced
greens complex – you’ll experience the benefits of several serves of greens
condensed into just a couple of capsules per day.

Stress Less

Stress is a super energy drainer that can leave you feeling flat
and unmotivated. Too much stress depletes the adrenal glands and with it, many
of the essential nutrients such as vitamin C, magnesium and B vitamins. It also
disrupts the sleep process, leaving you exhausted even after 8 hours sleep.

By implementing a stress management program, you will improve your sleep
quality, allowing your body to repair and heal fully as you sleep. You will
also have more energy boosting vitamins and minerals without stress to deplete
them all.

As an added bonus, by managing your stress, you will improve your concentration
and brain function, and have less weight stored around your tummy area – this
sort of fat is known as cortisol fat, because it is caused by too much of the
stress hormone cortisol in the body.

By incorporating these super easy tips, and including a supportive supplement
regime, you’ll be feeling energetic and fantastic all day long in no time.

NutreeVit Health Team

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