What is Spirulina?

Spirulina is a “blue-green algae” which is part of a diverse
plant-like organisms found mainly in salt water and some fresh water
lakes. It is naturally grown in tropical
or subtropical waters that have a high-salt content.

Spirulina based products are used for many health purposes! Keep reading to find out more…

Here are 7 Spirulina Secrets You Didn’t Know About:

1)Source of Dietary Protein

Spirulina contains 60% protein by weight
and contains ALL the essential amino acids including the essential fatty acid
gamma linolenic acid (GLA). GLA is not
usually found in a food source and has to be created by the body. Spirulina is one of the few foods to
naturally include GLA.

2)B-Vitamins and other nutrients

Spirulina contains compounds similar to B12. Please note that future research needs to be
done on the absorption process in humans.
According to Wikipedia, “Spirulina contains vitamins B-1(thiamine),
B-2 (riboflavin), B-3(nicotinamide), B-6 (pyridoxine),
B-9 (folic acid), vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin A and vitamin
E. It is also a source of potassium, calcium, chromium, copper, iron, manganese, phosphorus,
selenium, sodium and zinc. Spirulina contains many
pigments which may be beneficial and bioavailable”.


By independent laboratory testing, Spirulina
has been discovered to score over 24,000 in ORAC(Oxygen Radical Absorbance
Capacity) which is 4x the score of blueberries!
The ORAC score is used to measure antioxidant concentration and quality
in different foods.

4)Weight Loss

Spirulina can be used as part of your
weight loss program. According to the
Spirulina World website, Spirulina will increase the concentration of nutrients
in your body and may reduce hunger and cravings in the process. It is also easily digestible which will help
in using its protein nutrients to build lean muscle mass to burn more calories
throughout the day.

5)Prevent Heart Disease

It was found that spirulina is effective in
reducing cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
It creates better lipid profiles, controls hypertension, and increases
blood vessel elasticity. Read the full article on details of avoiding heart
disease & strokes here (http://drsircus.com/medicine/avoiding-heart-disease-strokes/).

6)Alleviate Allergies

Spirulina has anti-inflammatory
properties and is an effective treatment for allergies. Long term clinical research has found that
taking 2g of Spirulina a day has led to significant reductions in symptoms of
nasal allergies and with the effects growing stronger over time.

7)High in Calcium

Spirulina contains 26x more calcium than
milk! This makes it great for children,
elderly, and pregnant women.

Choosing the Right Product:

Spirulina can be grown in controlled or natural
settings. In controlled conditions, it
can be contaminated by bacteria, liver poisons and heavy metals. To ensure you are getting a contaminant free
product choose 100% organic Spirulina Supplements.

Spirulina is available in powder form or as Spirulina Capsules (Spirulina Pills). Although
powdered forms are the lesser expensive choice, they are not ideal for those
who do not enjoy a “grass” taste.
Spirulina Capsules can be a more convenient choice and can be bought in

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